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Jason Kumpf has been involved in International Business since 2000, working with international companies, in technology, wireless, real estate, biotech, fintech, real estate.  From New York to San Francisco, Jason has been leading and growing companies to expand at scale.

From global wireless companies, to real estate developments such as Raffles Resorts and Residences, Jason Kumpf’s experience crosses the global, including the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, London, Athens, Caribbean, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Hong Kong and Sydney.  From leadership, management, sales, marketing, finance, to offer creative operations to grow companies faster and more effective than before.

Working and partnering with foreign companies and individuals, Jason Kumpf has a unique expertise that he brings to his business associates.  Leveraging his multicultural experience, having lived in nine countries, and traveled to over 30, with his online global presence he brings unique, creative and practical ideas to improve the world, society and his business clients.

Jason Kumpf founded the Luxury Real Estate Society that leverages his expertise to ensure developer and brokerages offer the leading services to their foreign investor clients, improving transactions and increasing margins, while lowering costs for buyers.

Jason Kumpf founded World Wits for people who want to have an informed world view and better global citizen experience. Leveraging his life of living, working, studding and traveling extensively abroad, Jason brings a witty perspective to global citizenry.

Jason Kumpf been featured or quoted in prestigious news outlets, such as CNNFox BusinessSilicon Valley FinTech TV  and others. Kumpf is asked to comment on the current and future possibilities in international business, global real estate, finance, block chain and e-Commerce.


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